• Here you will find the SCEMSS mandatory CE program, which every provider is required to complete monthly while they are in System per policy 200-20. 
  • Each month's CE presentation and quiz must be successfully completed (at an 80% or higher) by the end of each following month. Example: March must have a passing score of at least 80% by April 30th, April must have a passing score by May 31st, etc. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Presentations must be reviewed prior to completing it's competency quiz. 
  • There are only a max of 2 attempts allowed per quiz. 
  • If a provider is short on CE hours upon joining the System, the provider may go back and complete additional moodle months prior to when they join. While additional months MAY be completed, a provider is REQUIRED to begin completing moodle the month that they join the System. 
  • Providers not completing moodle as required are subject to suspension and/or removal from SCEMSS per policy 200-20. 

Here you will find 20 CE hours that are lead instructor specific and IDPH approved. You may repeat these classes every 4 years to fulfill the 20 hour LI Specific CE requirement of your Lead Instructor license renewal. Your remaining 20 hours may be taken from your EMT, Paramedic, PHRN, etc CE.